Americas Loan Source  works with borrowers to provide direct lending for commercial real estate properties and urgent financing needs. Many of the businesses that we work with have found that traditional banks will not underwrite small balance loans or loans to support building purchase, renovations, debt consolidation or some other commercial mortgage application. Many self-employed building owners find that banks just don’t understand them, but Americas Loan Source does!

Does your deal fit?

At Americas Loan Source, we work with deals that fit the following criteria:

  • Loans range from $25,000 to $5,000,000+ million (minimum property value of $75,000)
  • Credit rating from A+ through D (see Credit Grade below)
  • Property types financed include apartment buildings, mixed use, retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, auto repair shops, day care businesses, hotels, motels, office buildings, 
  • Americas Loan Source the capacity to help with unusual loans and circumstances
  • Construction
  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt
  • Collateral can be partnership interest – Not senior debt


Bridge loan

If you’re looking to quickly fund a short-term loan on an investment property, our Bridge Loan program provides you with the flexibility! We can close in as little as 10 days and offer a truly asset based loan with this program, and have no minimum credit score. This is a stated income loan program, so we do not need tax returns or proof of income.  If you need to close quickly, this is the program for you. We offer no appraisal loans, cross-collateralization and high leverage financing.

Refinance Loans

Whether you want to lower your payment or get cash out, refinance is for you! Tap into and leverage the equity of your residential investment property to fund and acquire your next investment. You can leverage a cross-collateralization loan by combining equity from multiple properties to help with your next project.

Fix and Flip

Do you need a short-term loan so you can fix and flip a house? Our fix and flip loans allow you to purchase a property under market value, rehab it, and then re-sell it as quickly as possible. Typically, a 1-year term with no pre-payment penalty, it enables investors like you to maximize returns on quick flips. If you have a larger rehab project that is going to take longer than one year, do not worry we also offer 2 year fix and flip options as well.

Rehab Financing

Need liquidity and assistance with cash flow management to ensure the full scope of your project is completed? Let America’s Loan Source be a great partner for your next rehab project! Let us help you to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for both rehab and construction costs.

Long Term Loan

Do you need to purchase or refinance an investment rental property or portfolio? Our long-term financing allows for the aggregation of stabilized rental properties. America’s Loan Source delivers speed, leverage, and consistency to both highly experienced and new real estate investors.

Construction Loans

America’s Loan Source offers new construction financing that provides builders with a straightforward, common-sense lending program. We fund ground-up construction on empty lots (including spec builds and model homes) as well as tear down/rebuild options. Whether you are building to sell or using a Build2Rent strategy, America’s Loan Source is the answer. Contact us today to find out America’s Loan Source’s ground up construction financing can work for you. America’s Loan Source’s New Construction loans offer interest-only financing with fast due diligence and closing. Our 13-month standard term has competitive rates, and non-recourse loans are available.

Rental Property Loans

Do you want to purchase or refinance an investment rental property? When you partner with America’s Loan Source, we can provide long-term financing for stabilized rental properties to generate cash flow.

Commercial and Multifamily

Do you want to acquire a small apartment complex? America’s Loan Source Multifamily is a non-bank multifamily and commercial bridge lender. Its unique positioning and strategic, vertical approach provides fast and efficient financing to value-add multifamily clients, putting America’s Loan Source on track to quickly become a leader in the non-bank multifamily bridge space.